Terms of Service

Fleet makes no guarantee or warranty either express or implied as to the availability and continuity of service. By using this service, you agree to indemnify Fleet and it's owner, Sylfex Inc, from any damages caused as a result of lack of availability, misuse, or as a result of intentional or unintended data loss or surreptitious action beyond the control of the operator of this site.

1. The security of your account is your responsibility and that you alone are responsible for any and all actions that occur under your login.

2. You are permitted only one single fleet account. Creation or use of additional accounts is grounds for termination of all of your accounts and in addition, possible prohibition from future participation in Fleet.

3. Purchase of Fleet Points are not refundable.

4. In the event that there is a dispute with the payment provider for your purchase of Fleet Points, your account will be disabled for the duration of the dispute. In the event of already used fleet points becoming disputed, the characters may be locked until such time that overdraft points are replaced.

5. Purchase or trade of Fleet Points, game credits, or other Fleet game assets by any mechanism outside of the game interface is prohibited. Fleet reserves the right to terminate the characters and account of anyone engaging in this behaviour.

6. Copyright of all data on the Fleet website is property of Fleet. By contributing any type of content, graphical, text, or other types, you agree to provide a permanent usage license of such material to Fleet.

7. Destruction of Fleet properties is grounds for termination of your account, and additionally will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

8. Your account is non-transferrable.

9. Your privacy is our concern. You can review the specifics in our Privacy Policy.

10. Cheating is discouraged. Generally speaking, if the gameplay mechanics allow a function, it is permissable, except in the case of a software bug, or malicious attacks. In the case that you discover or suspect a game bug, your are strongly encouraged to report it to an administrator or other authorized representative of Fleet. Intentional misuse of obvious faults may be grounds for termination of your account. The final determination of what constitutes cheating is solely the responsibility of Fleet.

11. Copyright Infringement: If you suspect or have allegations of copyright infringement, please send your written request via email to our attention via the link to "Contact Us" on the previous page.