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Fleet is a space combat and exploration game inspired by Pardus.

In Fleet, you compete with other players to earn skills, credits, complete missions, and grow the strength, influence, and economies of yourself, your alliance, and your faction.

Special Features of Fleet

  • You can own multiple ships
  • You can install/uninstall ship equipment, and carry it around as cargo
  • You can drop ship cargo into containers for later use
  • Group Combat allows for alliance or faction member ships and buildings to defend your position
  • Factions are player creatable and faction equipment specializations are player customizable
  • Several unique special equipment allows for 'hunting' other players (based on relevant skills)
    • Telemetry Scanner - Provides the capability to see the name and location of the most recent player on your current tile
    • Field Analyzer - Provides the capability to track the name of the last player to harvest resources from your current tile
    • Cloaking Device - Provides Basic cloaking capabilities
    • Ambush Computer - Makes it possible to set ambushes for other players that will trigger an attack on them if they meet the criteria for the ambush when they move to your current tile, even if you are offline
  • Equipment Durability - Each time you repair your equipment, it's durability will diminish. Equipment damage depends on it's durability, making it more expensive to maintain old equipment that has lower durability. When the equipment's condition reaches zero, the equipment will break, and be lost forever. If durability goes too low, the equipments condition will be lost very fast and at a low enough durability, a single hit may be enough to break equipment completely.

Screen Layout

  • example picture TBD placed here
  • The top menu bar contains the most commonly used features
  • The left panel displays your current status, ship status, cargo capacity, and a list of objects at your current location.
    • Each of the headers of the various tables in the left panel expand out into a detailed view of the contents
    • The other objects list expand out into a descriptive display for other players ships
  • The right panel displays the game-points link, map links, special events, and news
  • The center space (also called the NAV area) between the left and right panels displays the current activity.
    • In combat, it will display your opponent, and it's overall health
    • On a planet, you will be able to navigate the various planet menus
    • Most of the menu bar options other then NAV will present you with a display specific to the option selected
    • When launched into space, the NAV screen will display the current field map
  • Some menu options cause the left and right panels to be hidden