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Class. You either have it, or you don't.
Remember that if you don't have it, you can always become an Explorer.

If you wish to join a class other than your current one, you must first leave your current class. You can do so at your current class' building.
Most class buildings are in Local Group. The Steampunk and Academic buildings are in Crescent.



  • Building - Tower of Affluence
  • Location - Arcturus [-3,-1]
  • Requirements - 100 million credits
  • Benefits - Doubles mission credits reward, doubles time to complete & halves the AP cost of accepting missions
  • Costs - 50,000 AP, 2,000,000 Credits

Requirements not met:

The Tower Chaimberlain says:

"You must have a great wealth to be considered affluent.".

Requirements met::

The Tower Chaimberlain says:

"Your records speak clearly on your behalf. We would like to invite you to join our membership.

Enter (50,000 AP, 2,000,000 credits) your name on the books, and be known as an Aristrocrat.".

Aristocrats enjoy the following benefits: Missions: Missions will pay out twice their normal credit reward, and provide twice the normal duration to be completed within. In addition, they will require only half of the AP (normally 100) to accept.

When a member:

Welcome again NAME.
You have been accepted as a member of the Tower of Affluence.
Please stay and enjoy the oppulence of our magnificent Tower of Affluence for a while.


  • Building - Galactic Consulate
  • Location - Centauri [111,-88]
  • Requirements - Alliance Membership, Faction Membership, Distiction Rank 10
  • Benefits - +50% influence gained, negative reputation slowly moves towards 0.
  • Costs - 50,000 AP, 2,000,000 Credits

Requirements not met:

The consulate secretary says:

"The President is too busy to see you. "You must improve your social network by being part of a faction".

Requirements met:

The President proclaims:

"I have heard of you before, NAME. I am willing to speak on your behalf. You may apply to use my services, and be known as a Diplomat.".

When a member:

You presence is always welcome here, NAME.
The Galactic Consulate provides you with the credentials necessary to cut through the red tape that hinders the trade barriers. Please ensure that you familiarize yourself with our credo: "Prosperitas per perseverantia".


  • Building - N/A
  • Requirements - Default class. When you leave your current class, you become an Explorer again.
  • Benefits - N/A
  • Costs - N/A


  • Building - Information Bureau
  • Location - Cetus [1,-6]
  • Requirements - Hacking skill of 50.
  • Benefits - Improved Firewalls (install Firewalls at 25% additional strength), Mission Board Hack: Hack it to convert those missions to either neutral (on a planet that does not share your faction alignment), or to make them faction missions (on a planet that has the same faction alignment as you)
  • Costs - 50,000 AP, 2,000,000 Credits

Requirements not met:

Welcome to the Information Bureau: We regret to inform you that we do not have any information for you at this time.

Requirements met:

Welcome to the Information Bureau:

Welcome, <pilot>.

The Information Bureau has been following your activities for some time. We are actively looking for more members that have your skill set. We would like to offer you a chance to prove that you are worthy enough to join us:

????:[___________________] [Join] (50,000 AP, 2,000,000 Credits)

Joining our organization will provide you with the following benefits:

Mission board Hack: Fed up with the mission board? Hack it to convert those missions to either neutral (on a planet that does not share your faction alignment), or to make them faction missions (on a planet that has the same faction alignment as you)

Improved Firewalls:You will be able to install Firewalls on your own buildings at a level 25% higher then without membership in the Information Bureau.

When a member:

Welcome fellow Hacker:
You have been accepted as a member of the Information Bureau.

Welcome, fellow Information gatherer.

You may [QUIT] your membership with the Information Bureau, but we will be very upset if you do.


  • Building - Tomb of Sekhmet
  • Location - Sirius [3,-6]
  • Requirements - (624,466 < unknown amount of exp <2,237,235)
  • Benefits - No experience lost at death,Divine Intervention ability: if used it kills the NPC on your tile; you will not gain XP or skills. Whether it works or not depends on Distinction Level.
  • Costs - 50,000 AP, 2,000,000 credits.

Requirements not met:

A priestess comes to you, shakes her head and says: "You do not have enough experience for Sekhmet.".

Requirements met:

The High Priestess comes to you, looks you over carefully, and says:

"Sekhmet smiles on you this day. Though divine insight, I see that you are a chosen one of Sekhmet. If only your (50,000 AP, 2,000,000 credits) your faith to Sekhmet, you shall be endowed with a great power.".

Joining the Temple of Sekhmet will provide you with:
Divine Intervention: Sekhmet herself will hear your plea and banish any monster from its very existence. Your Distinction greatly effects the strength of your faith with this ability

Life in Death: Sekhmets strength shall follow with you into the next life. You will not loose experience as a result when you are cloned.


  • Building - Knights Guild
  • Location - Centic [-57,4]
  • Requirements - (knight guild i think to join was kill more then 30 different npc's and 2000 in total), 1,000,000 EXP
  • Benefits - Sunday Brunch, Nanobot sales
  • Costs - 50,000 AP, 2,000,000 Credits

Requirements not met:

Your portfolio of kills is not impressive enough.

When a member:

Welcome to the Knights Guild

We are a loosely affiliated group of like minded individuals who share a common belief in ridding the universe of the horrible critters that infest it. We offer membership only to those explorers who we feel are experienced enough to merit membership in our organization, for a very nominal fee. Our members enjoy the thrill of our occasional tournament, access to trade with this facility for supplies, and an all you can eat Sunday buffet brunch.

Our code of conduct allows our members the freedom to do as they please.


  • Building - Chamber of Commerce
  • Location - Struve 8,0
  • Requirements - (either X amount of buildings or X amount of building levels)
  • Benefits - Trade and Repair AP costs halved
  • Costs - 50,000 APs, 2,000,000 Credis

Requirements not met:

The clerc says:
"Your lack of commitment to building infrastructure prevents us from allowing your entry at this time".

Requirements met:

"Chamber of Commerce:
The clerk pronounces:

"Your commitment to enduring prosperity is without question. You are welcome to join our organization.
[Sign] (50,000 AP, 2,000,000 credits) your name in the record of membership, and be known as a Merchant.".
Merchants enjoy the following benefits:Enhanced Trade and Repair: Any trades or repairs will require only half of the AP (50, instead of 100) to perform.


  • Building - Onibawan
  • Location - Iga [1,2]
  • Requirements - Cloaking skill of 50, and possibility of a small number of pvp kills (in the range of 3-29), being unseen.
  • Benefits - Ability to hide on the docking screen, Shadow creation, Invisibility
  • Costs - 50,000 AP, 2,000,000 Credits

Requirements not met:

Welcome to our humble little garden. The master stepped away for a moment to prune his bonzai and has asked me to show you to our sushi bar. Would you like to buy some? The Cephalopod was brought in fresh this morning from the Butterfly Cluster.

Requirements met:

It is unusual to see one such as yourself in this manner. I am the master of this Dojo. We have some most interesting jobs available that occasionally come up and I believe that you have the skills needed to be successful with them. Please consider joining with us, and you will be richly rewarded.
[Apply](50,000 AP, 2,000,000 Credits)

We can provide you with some unique benefits:

Invisibility: We have perfected the ancient Ninja technique of Invisibility. This ability will be yours while you remain a Ninja.

Shadow Warrior: You will have special access to our holographic generator to create a false image of yourself to confuse your enemy.

Docking Cloak: While docked, you will be able to cloak your ship from others.

When a member:

Moshi Moshi NAME-san.
You have been accepted as a member of the Oniwaban.
When we have a job for you, we will send you a message.

You may [Withdraw] your membership with the Oniwaban.

Invisibility's effects are 100% cloaking chance on all tiles, and 400 AP cloaking cost instead of the usual 1000 AP cost.

The Shadow Warrior ability creates a false copy of the ship you're flying and lasts 5 minutes and costs 1000 AP. This copy has no physical form and cannot be interacted with, so does not join in on group combat.


  • Building - Davey Jones Tavern
  • Location - Narokan [9,-11]
  • Requirements - The most important requirement is being drunk
  • Benefits - Plunder, Recall to Davy Jones Tavern
  • Costs - 50,000 APs, 2,000,000 Credits

Requirements met:

The bartender looks at you sternly and says "Me name is Davey, and this here be my tavern. I've got the run of the place, and every scurvy dog in here. I hear that you've gone and made a name fer yerself. I could manage ta help a fellow like you, but I have a price.

I'll give ye the pass code to use that fancy red portal I've had me boys set up downstairs. I'll even let ya use the hangar where we keeps the ships an stuff, and you can lay low there if yer ever in trouble. What do ye say? My price is more then fair.

Here's what else I offer:
Recall To Tavern: Any time you get into too much trouble, send the message, and I'll have you sent back here in the blink of an eye. You can forget it if you aren't in this cluster though. It won't work.
Plunder: I'll teach you how to take what you want from anyone. If you get good enough at it, they won't even be able to tell it was you, but it only works once every five minutes.

When a member:

Shiver me timbers, it's me 'ol pal NAME.
Watch out for those Kudu's, they're real nasty.

If ye be wanting to go straight, ye can [hand in] your eye patch and peg leg.

Plunder allows you to take people's cargo in open space. Option shows up on docked screen, but fails to do anything. Either failure to do anything is a bug, or option showing up is bugged. Has been reported. Costs 0 APs.

If the target fails to identify the Plunderer, they get a system message indicating that their ship has been plundered and that they were unable to detect the identity of the assailant, as well as a list of which goods were taken.

Recall to Tavern instantly recalls to Davey Jones Tavern. Costs 0 APs.


  • Building - Spark Center
  • Location - Ethernoan [9,-3]
  • Requirements - Engineering skill of 50, Distinction 10
  • Benefits - Hull Repair: Using 1m3 of Heavy Metal, you can repair your ships hull anywhere, for 2000 AP.

Basic Ship Enhancement: For a price, and it won't be cheap, I'll help you strip the useless junk out of your ship, freeing up more space and mass (5% of each, cost @ 50% ship purchase price. Ship must not be an upgraded variant to qualify). Persists if you change classes.

  • Costs - 50,000 AP, 2,000,000 credits

Requirements not met:

Spark Center:
The Mad Scientist glances at you for but a moment, and then looks away. He mutters: "You don't even know which end of a spanner is up. I would be embarrassed to help someone so utterly helpless.".

After upgrading a ship:

"There. That's a lot better. You could squeeze in a whole herd of Corona Space Eels with what we've done."


  • Building - University of the Universe
  • Location - Iota [5,2]
  • Requirements - ( 608,168< unknown amount of XP <2,237,235)?
  • Benefits - Thinking Caps: Using 1m3 (250,000 credits each) of Thinking Caps, you can protect yourself from skill loss for 24 hours. Only Academics can buy Thinking Caps from us and use them.

Student Loans: We'll even give you a 20,000,000 credit student loan with 0% interest for as long as you remain an Academic. But if you want to drop out of the University, you'll have to repay it on the spot.

  • Costs - 50.000 AP

Requirements not met:

The Dean rushes past you and says excuse me. As he passes, says that the receptionist has a flower that needs watering and the halls need to be swept.

The secretary to the Dean breaks from following the Dean and apologizes. Sorry about the Dean. He's very busy with new students. We're currently accepting applications however you don't seem to be qualified. The instant evaluation from the Applications Department says: "Real world experience is a pre-requisite to admission. Please come back when you have more.".

Requirements met:

"Welcome to our institution of higher learning NAME. You may enroll (50,000 AP) in our Graduate Program for technical studies".

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