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Equipment is sold for 75% of it's value.



Damage Type Fire-rate Durability Space (m3) Mass (t) Value Requirements
200 KJ Laser 8 Conventional 1 5 1 2 1,000 None
500 KJ Laser 15 Conventional 1 5 2 3 25,000 None
1 MJ Laser 16 Conventional 2 5 4 5 65,000 None
2 MJ Laser 29 Conventional 2 5 7 9 115,000 None
5 MJ Laser 41 Conventional 2 5 12 15 195,000 None
10 MJ Laser 73 Conventional 2 5 20 27 375,000 None
20 MJ Laser 131 Conventional 2 5 36 49 675,000 None
50 MJ Laser 197 Conventional 2 5 54 73 1,150,000 250,000xp
100 MJ Laser 245 Conventional 2 4 81 110 3,360,000 Faction Rank 5
Crystal Pulse 250 Magnetic 2 3 60 46 2,500,000 Loot from Crystals and Fractals
Huge Crystal Pulse 350 Magnetic 2 4 92 120 6,500,000 Loot from Fractals

Magnetic weapons do 50% damage to shields.

Guns are the primary weapons of combat.

A chicken was applied to a 200KJ laser. If it was cooked perfectly at this intensity after 5 minutes, what will happen when it is subject to a 50MJ laser in a chamber pressured at 50TPa for approximately 5 seconds? - Porkian A-level Horticulture exam paper
Guns are THE tool for killing things. Missiles and turrets are all very well, but on their own, they're pants without GUNS. Guns (or lasers more specifically) have two factors that come into consideration during conflict. The 'fire-rate' is the number of volleys that laser will fire in 1 round of conflict. The 'power' is... pretty self-explanatory. Contrary to obvious belief though, having big guns is not always good.
Killing things straight away with big guns increases your experience greatly, but without the chance to shoot at (or get shot at) the NPC for a long period of time, this doesn't do you many favours for your skills. So ideally, for skilling you want a BIG fire rate, with a small power. With PvP (where you don't want to mess around) go big. And go mental.


Power Damage Type Fire-rate Durability Space (m3) Mass (t) Value Requirements
Tiny Omega Cannon 80 Conventional 1 5 30 30 100,000 None
Rail Turret 31 Conventional 3 5 42 46 225,000 None
Omega Cannon 800 Conventional 1 5 300 300 1,000,000 None
Blowhole 100 Conventional 3 2 2 2 160,000 Distinction 18
2,000,000 xp
Loot from Cephalopod

Turrets have superior tracking abilities than Guns, so you will find your Turrets to have a higher hit-rate than your Guns.

Lasers aren't nearly as cool as guns. You can roast a chicken with a laser. You can EXPLODE a chicken with a BAZOOKA.
Turrets essentially give you that extra 'umph' of fire-power or extra shots of xp (depending on which variation you dwell on). Unlike lasers, these have ammunition - so you have to restock every once in a while (buy lots of ammunition from planets before heading out on a spree with these because they don't last long). However, their upkeep is quite a drain financially, so make sure you're in a position that you can sustain yourself! The rail turret is the best for skilling, the Omega cannon for killing stuff. NOTE: You have to buy the ammunition which corresponds with the turret you're using but you can choose from the same three 'flavours' for whichever gun you use.

  • Interestingly enough, the Atlas is the only ship capable of sustaining two Omega Cannons. With Anti-matter ammunition, these two cannons will deal more damage than 4 50MJ Pulse Lasers! Pirates will have to think twice after encountering an Atlas equipped with Omega Cannons and Flying Bananas!

Turret Ammunition

Power Damage Type Quantity Space (m3) Mass (t) Value Requirements
Tiny Omega Cannon Ferrous Ammo 0.7x Conventional 200 8 8 20,000 None
Tiny Omega Cannon Uranium Ammo 1.0x Conventional 200 8 10 50,000 None
Tiny Omega Cannon Anti-matter Ammo 1.3x Conventional 200 8 12 150,000 None
Rail Turret Ferrous Ammo 0.7x Conventional 400 7 7 16,000 None
Rail Turret Uranium Ammo 1.0x Conventional 400 7 9 42,000 None
Rail Turret Anti-matter Ammo 1.3x Conventional 400 7 11 122,000 None
Omega Cannon Ferrous Ammo 0.7x Conventional 200 16 16 200,000 None
Omega Cannon Uranium Ammo 1.0x Conventional 200 16 20 500,000 None
Omega Cannon Anti-matter Ammo 1.3x Conventional 200 16 24 1,500,000 None
Blowhole Ammo 1.0x Conventional 800 2 2 40,000 Loot from Cephalopod

You can't fire a watermelon from an Omega Cannon - Famous Native American Proverb
You get ammunition from planets in these funny things called 'crates' (previously dispatched in large marrows; it's surprising how hollow they are, it was only a matter of time before common sense shone through).
You can either go for cheap and weak (Ferrous), or expensive and powerful (Anti-matter). If you want to skill, go for Ferrous ammunition (it'll give you just as much skill as higher levels, if not more from prolonging the creature's suffering through your practise) - if you want to kill big mommas (Note: this isn't an NPC... yet?) go for Anti-matter (it kills them quicker, so saves your hide... or hull).
Unfortunately, the funny thing about ammunition is that it runs out - and it's possible that you'll be bombarded by irritating (*some neoPlatian followers actually find these soothing) messages saying 'oi... another crate's been emptied mate!' (or along the lines of that... ships haven't developed personalities... yet) but never fear, you can turn these off via the options menu (Hallelujah!).
Clearly turrets are worth their weight in skilling (if you have the funds to spend on them), but for PvP? Are turrets worth it?
Well put it this way, if two equally skilled, almost equally equipped people were to start forking each other, the one with the turrets would win. (Assuming that you have the space available to equip a turret after your laser loadout, of course)


Power Damage Type Reload Time Speed Guidance Space (m3) Mass (t) Value Info
Z-001 40 Conventional 0 100 100 3 3 3,500 None
X-1100 80 Conventional 5 145 145 2 2 5,000 None
Sunburst 220 Conventional 6 150 165 6 6 18,500 None
Nova-12 420 Conventional 12 140 85 12 12 30,500 None
Titan 800 Conventional 6 150 130 18 18 250,000 Faction Rank 5
Debilitator Missile 25 Conventional 4 125 150 12 14 125,000 Faction Rank 10
Special: Disable opponent guns
Pronged Spike 350 Conventional 5 125 150 2 2 10,000 Distinction 10
Loot from Anemone
Venomous Stinger 550 Conventional 4 75 250 2 2 34,000 Distinction 15
Loot from Slurg
Flying Banana 600 Conventional 4 180 200 5 5 60,000 Loot from Space Monkey
Crystal Spike 500 Conventional 4 190 210 3 3 10,000 Loot from Crystals
Large Crystal Spike 750 Conventional 4 225 230 5 6 32,000 Loot from Fractals

'He took aim, fired, then ran for his life' - Extract from novel 'James Bond: The Man with a Banana Gun'
There has long been controversy over the nature of the consistency of the much-sought-after 'Flying Banana.' A number of conflicting theories have arisen (including TNT, C4 and R2D2) but, as is generally agreed by scientists, the most likely source of the banana's destructive power is humble chocolate digestive (which, when exposed to a blend of pure oxygen and gunpowder, reacts very violently)...
Regardless of this, what's certain is that missiles are useful in doing hefty lump sums of damage to other players and large NPCs.
To change the order that missiles are fired (you may want to save your best until last), visit your in-depth ship description (click your ships name on the right of the nav screen) and there should be a link under the equipment manifest.


Strength Recharge Rate Durability Space (m3) Mass (t) Value Requirements
Light Shield Generator 450 15 10 5 8 170,000 None
Standard Shield Generator 800 25 10 8 14 970,000 None
Heavy Shield Generator 1,450 40 10 24 28 1,530,000 Distinction 6
Deep Shield Generator 2,850 60 12 30 22 1,450,000 Faction Rank 5

Shields cost 1*shield points recharged to repair, but recharge for free at the recharge rate per shield tick (every 30 seconds)


Speed Fuel type Fuel Capacity Fuel Consumption Durability Space (m3) Mass (t) Price Requirements
Solar Sail 1 Sunshine & Butterflies - - 3.00 45 8 9,000 None
Impulse Drive 30 Hydrogen Gas 5 0.15 5.00 25 35 5,000 None
Phase Drive 70 Hydrogen Gas 8 0.25 6.00 70 75 294,000 Distinction 7
Anti-matter Drive 85 Anti-Matter 9 0.01 5.00 65 70 825,000 Faction Rank 5

Engine speed contributes to combat effectiveness by reducing the chance to be hit. In other words; Engines give an evasion bonus based on their speed. There is no method of harvesting sunshine nor butterflies at this moment.

Before you go anywhere, you'll need an ENGINE. The solar sail doesn't require fuel - you simply equip and launch (equanch?) but it DOES take up a lot of room... It could well be debated that it makes up for this in that you don't need any space taken up by fuel onboard...
A drive of some kind requires that you have hydrogen gas on hand, but is faster (takes less APs) and takes up less room (though weighs more). All in all, a good deal better... most of the time.
Also, it's well worth getting the phase drive - 3 times the speed = 3 times more done than with the impulse. The increased space taken up is well worth the boost.

The speed of a drive also affects a drive's evasion bonus. Though this bonus is said to be small.


Durability Space (m3) Mass (t) Price Repairable Requirement AP Cost Info
Ablative Armor Plating 2 24 26 230,000 No Faction Rank 10** - Reduces damage to armor from missiles by 40%
Mutually exclusive with other armor plates
Reinforced Armor Plating 3 30 32 230,000 No Faction Rank 0**
500,000 XP
- Reduces damage to armor from turrets by 40%
Mutually exclusive with other armor plates
Ambush Computer 3 3 2 135,000 Yes None 800 Enables automatic attacking
Ambush Teleporter 5 2 2 50,000 Yes None 800 Enables ambush auto-teleport
Automatic Refueler 5 1 1 1,500 Yes None - Automatically fills your fuel tank from cargo.
Cloaking Device 3 10 7 51,000 No None 1,000 Boosts your cloaking chance by a flat 20% on any tile.
EMP Anti-Cloaker 3 32 28 21,000 No None 600 Usable to uncloak hidden NPCs
Field Analyser 2 16 18 150,000 No 25,000 XP 2,000 Enables determination of last tile harvester
Long Range Sector Scanner 5 0 0 5,000 Yes None 100* Enables the viewing of distant sectors
Phase Shift Generator 2 18 16 90,000 No Faction Rank 6** - Reduces equipment damage from combat by 33%
Remote Resource Scanner 2 6 4 30,000 No 7,500 XP - Enables sensing distant tile resource values
Telemetry Scanner 2 24 26 260,000 No 100,000 XP 2,000 Enables tracking of other ships movements
Universal Harvester 2 8 7 850,000 Yes Faction Rank 5**
250,000 XP
250 Enables the harvesting of all resources, including Dark Matter
Hydrogen Harvester 5 3 2 4,500 Yes None 80 Enables the harvesting of Hydrogen Gas
Sustainable Hydrogen Harvester 5 4 2 8,000 Yes None 70 Enables the harvesting of Hydrogen Gas
Limit on resources harvested
Coronal Gas Harvester 4 4 4 7,600 Yes Distinction 5
2,500 XP
150 Enables the harvesting of Coronal Gas
Water Harvester 2 5 5 15,000 Yes Distinction 5
3,500 XP
200 Enables the harvesting of Water
Nebula Harvester 5 2 2 11,000 Yes None 80 Enables the harvesting of Nebula Gas
Light Ore Harvester 5 4 4 7,500 Yes None 100 Enables the harvesting of Light Ore
Heavy Ore Harvester 5 6 5 15,000 Yes 1,000 XP 150 Enables the harvesting of Heavy Ore
Precious Ore Harvester 5 7 6 35,000 Yes 10,000 XP 200 Enables the harvesting of Precious Ore

*If your faction has a FAB or if you have a building or ship docked in a sector, you can view that sector for 0 APs, and it does not require a Long Range Sector Scanner to do so.

**Only if your faction is specialised in Specials.

MY WORD. When faced with such an extravagant list of extravagancey, I can only turn my head right. - The average purchaser with a slightly odd psycological condition...
GAWP. There are a lot of items in this section! Special items are used for very specific roles and it's almost certain that you won't be needing all of them at once (unless you're slightly odd). Their descriptions can be viewed by hovering your mouse over each one (try this in-game dufus; obviously won't work in the wiki!) - but here's an overview anyway (we love pages which scroll down to your socks).

The AMBUSH COMPUTER is required for you to set AMBUSHES (unsurprisingly); and good news: FLIPPANT inc. (the manufacturers of the ambush stuff) have recently announced that their computers now allow ambushing just about anywhere - an improvement from their literal take on the term, where you could only ambush on dense patches of foliage in the morning. The AMBUSH TELEPORTER is required for you to set a retreat point from your ambush; so once you've ambushed them, you'll run away and (providing you have a cloaking device) try to cloak someplace you've set earlier (in case you didn't finish them off). Though the teleporter isn't compulsory for ambushing to happen, it's a good idea to get one anyway.

The EMP ANTI-CLOAKER uncloaks nearbye NPCs which might be lurking. Your success rate is dependant on your hacking skill and the NPCs' cloaking skills though, so don't be too expectant of overwhelming success to start with. Also, the word is on the space lanes, you can uncloak SPACE LEMONS if you do it enough+; who knows? chance_to_uncloak = user_hackskill^3 / (user_hackskill^3 + opponent_cloak_skill^3);

The FIELD ANALYSER lets you know who harvested the tile you're on last. It's mostly used for pushy administrations behind factions who want their turf in pristine condition. So there is a way to INCRIMINATE strip-miners.

All the devices described above and the telemetry scanner at the very bottom can be used in the pane to the left of the nav screen - underneath your current ship health and STUFF.