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Creation Requirements

  • 1. Not currently a faction member.
  • 2. 15+ Distinction.
  • 3. 500,000,000 credits cost (50m is deposited into the Faction Funds).
  • 4. 10,000,000+ APs used.
  • 5. 85,000 AP cost.
  • 6. The faction name must be unique.
  • 7. The faction name must contain only letters and spaces.
  • 8. You can not have any pending faction applications.
  • 9. You must capture planets in order to grow faction influence and achieve faction improvement.


  • Factions offer 7 different specialities (Guns | Turrets & Ammo | Missiles | Engines | Specials | Shields | Ships).
  • Factions may choose any 2 specialities.
  • Factions can only convert earned influence into Faction Technology Points after choosing two specialities.
  • 1 Faction Technology Point (FTP) is awarded during faction creation.
  • Factions can upgrade or unlock items only within their chosen specialities, though preview of all possible upgrades is possible for all faction members.
  • Unlocked or upgraded items are available to all faction members with sufficient rank.
  • Factions earn a 10% additional influence bonus and 10% credit bonus resulting from completing missions offered to that faction (Specially indicated missions with that Factions logo on the mission board).
    • The total amount of influence and credits that each member has individually contributed can viewed on the faction member details page (provided that the faction leader has given permissions to this page).
  • There are reputation consequences for killing any player who is a member of a Faction. Killing another player in self defense (with your ship on the right side of the combat) never has a reputation consequence, but wilfully killing another player who is also a faction member will cause your reputation for the victims faction to be decreased based on the victims rank.
    • If your faction reputation in your own faction drops below zero (0) as a result of the above, you will automatically be kicked from your faction. In the event that the Faction Leader is kicked, a new leader will be chosen based on seniority.
    • If there are no remaining faction members, the faction will be dissolved. All faction territories will be lost at the next weekly assignment.
  • The current 7 Faction Specialities provide for 21 possible combinations of faction specialization.
  • Inactive Faction Leaders can be voted out through a Mutiny process.
  • Players of the same faction, if at the same location will automatically defend each other should they come under attack from another player.


  • Faction specific Equipment and Ships can only be repaired while you are a member of that faction.
    • Ships can still be repaired with Nanobots and shield cells.
  • Faction Speciality Equipment from one faction can not be used in conjunction with ships of another faction.
  • Faction Speciality Equipment can only be installed on a ship if you are currently a member of that faction.
  • Faction Speciality Equipment can only be repaired on a ship if you are currently a member of that faction.
  • The result of the above is that when you leave a faction, you must give up all of it's special ships and equipment, but you do have a short period of time to replace ships and equipment with other long term options. This is intended to make the long-term value of the Ship specialization equal to the other equipment specializations.


  • The leader of a faction must select 2 specialities for their faction before they can convert earned Influence into Faction Technology Points.
  • All members of a faction will have their faction influence bonus automatically contributed to the faction influence pool.
  • Faction Technology points will cost different amounts of faction influence (available only from the faction influence pool), based on the factors (multipliers) of the selected specialities for that faction.
    • Example: Combining Guns (1.5x) and Ships (1.5x) specialities will result in a 2.25x increase in the influence cost to purchase 1 Faction Technology Point.
  • Each Faction Technology Point costs more Influence points then the previous point (increasing cost per point).
  • Faction Technology Points can be used to unlock equipment, and to upgrade equipment.
  • Unlocking faction speciality equipment (available only to faction members with the chosen speciality) without upgrading it costs 1 FTP, and leaves the rank requirements unchanged from that of the base device.
  • The base cost to unlock or upgrade an item is 1 FTP.
  • A Level 1 Upgrade (+/-10% to any attribute) costs 1 FTP, and adds a +5 Ranks requirement to the ship or equipment.
  • A Level 2 Upgrade (+/-20% to any attribute) costs 2 FTP, and adds a +7 Ranks requirement to the ship or equipment.
  • A Level 3 Upgrade (+/-30% to any attribute) costs 3 FTP, and adds a +9 Ranks requirement to the ship or equipment.
  • For any upgrade, you can select a maximum of ONE of each type level upgrade for any combination of attributes, for a total cost of 7 FTP, resulting in a cumulative change of +/-10%, +/-20%, +/-30% to these selected attribute(s), and +21 to the rank requirement for the ship or equipment.
  • Any equipment upgrade that is a +% increase in stats will add the same +% to the equipment space, mass and price. -% upgrades do not increase the space or mass, but do cause the price to be increased by a corresponding amount.
  • Any ship upgrade % change in stats will add the same % to the price.
  • Multiple upgrades on a single stat are allowed (ex: applying each of +10%, +20% and +30% to base Phase Drive speed 90, results in speed 144.
  • Upgrades can only be applied to original non-upgraded equipment. Upgrading previously upgraded equipment is not possible.
  • All players can view any factions available upgraded equipment or ships at ONLY that specific factions controlled planets.
  • Upgraded equipment is permanent and can not be undone.


Factions need FABs. FABs allow your faction to control a planet. Control of a planet causes 50% of all generated missions to be missions available exclusively for your factions members. Completion of these special faction missions causes a 10% credit bonus and a 10% influence bonus to be deposited in your Factions pool.

Credits are good, for obvious reasons, while Influence has a special use. As a Faction itself gains influence, it can trade in these influence points for Faction Technology Points. These FTP can be used to directly unlock and upgrade equipment within the specialities that your faction has chosen.

FAB's are a unique structure. They do not require any resources to construct, as local planet residents are eager help to any faction attempting to lead their planet. FAB's production level can not be upgraded, but they instead follow a special formula. Any FAB that does not have the same faction ownership of the planet it is on will be Level 0, and will not be able to consume any Dark Matter. Once the planets faction matches that of the FAB, a FAB will be a minimum of level 1, and will also assume an additional production level for each 50,000 population that the planet enjoys. This status is updated at the time of the building tick, and displayed on the FAB's building page.

Dark Matter is a mysterious and rare substance. It is used by the FAB to subjugate and support the populace, thereby generating great amounts of Influence directly for the faction. It is also extremely expensive, making this method of achieving Influence very costly, but also very fast, when spread across a network of many FABs of high population planets. The amount of dark matter consumed depends on the FAB's production level. With a base of 3 dark matter consumption at level 1, additional consumption follows the formula posted under Building Production/Consumption, but the FAB will still produce the same amount of influence per ton of Dark Matter. Dark matter production is so limited that 1 FAB at level 1 will probably consume more dark matter than you can gather over time.

The influence contributed by an FAB through Dark Matter can be tracked. Each time an FAB consumes Dark Matter, a log appears in the Faction Leader's trade log like this:

1. 2011-07-16 00:01:30 Jannaris [10,1] Building FAB DM 3.56 m3 DM, produced 356 Inf

When a FAB purchases or sells resources, the credits directly come from the Faction Balance sheet. An appropriate log entry is created for posterity.

Control and the FAB

  • Factions can take control of a planet by building a Faction Administration Building (FAB) from the 'Planet Buildings' menu. Once per week (Sundays @ 20:07 UTC) all planets will change their faction alignment to the same as that of the FAB above the planet, or they will revert to neutral if no FAB is present.
  • In order to supplant the control of a different faction over a planet, you must destroy the current FAB, and your faction leader (or a member with FAB control permissions) must build a replacement.
  • Factions may currently own a maximum of 14 FABs. The effective FAB limit is 2 + (Faction Planets total population / 50,000). This number is subject to change in the future.
  • Constructing a FAB currently costs no resources or AP, but they come with no defenses, and consume no resources (at this time).

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Current Factions

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History of the Factions

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Galactic Empire
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