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General Info

Leader: Eliskia
Primary Specialty: Missiles
Secondary Specialty: Engines


The faction Mirage was created by Kiseitai Inverse on 1st September 2010. He had two terms of office between 01.09.2010 - 22.03.2011 and 08.07.2011 - 18.08.2012.

His first term of office was marked by the construction of 5 Faction Administration Buildings between 1st of September 2010 and 3rd of September 2010 and four military blockades on 10th December 2010, to secure Mirage's faction space.

On 11.02.2010, Kiseitai constructed the 6th Faction Administration Building of Mirage.

The second leader of Mirage was Shadow Man, who (much later) took the name of Emperor Shadow Man and created the faction Galactic Empire. But as the faction-leader of Mirage, Shadow Man didn't change many things, or build / destroy FABs. He maintained the unity of the faction while Kiseitai and on 8th July 2010 transferred the leadership of Mirage back to Kiseitai Inverse.

In his second term of office, Kiseitai built two FABs on 12th and 13th July 2011. On 17th July 2011, Kiseitai destroyed two of Mirage FABs. The relocation program was complete when Kiseitai built 4 FABs on 18th and 19th July 2011.

The second relocation program took place on 4th April 2012, when Kiseitai destroyed one of his FABs and built another one on another planet. Exact data couldn't be found, but it is certain it's one of Buttery's planets.

From 4th April 2012, Mirage's configuration of planets remained the same. The planets affiliated to the faction Mirage are: Beldian I, Beldian II, Deltonis I, Enigiside, Gloschton, Helios Prime, Silverancea Prime, Theagous I, Yehenous Land and Yiko I.

Another recorded event regarding the faction itself and not Kiseitai's own evolution as a pilot is the kicking of Namza and Tyfus out of Mirage on 21st June 2012.

On 18th August 2012 Kiseitai Inverse transferred the faction leadership of Mirage to Eliskia.

As the leader of Mirage, Eliskia became the richest and most influential pilot in the universe, keeping this status since the middle of 2012.

Eliskia occupies the first place in several tops and is regarded as a legend in the largest part of the universe. However, the tones of this legend are in some of its parts grey and some episodes are really dark. Many people describe this Jannari female as a pirate who prefers to target young inexperienced pilots. This is not entirely true, since famous pilots such as Inco, Darkaniol, Pikaboo and even Kiseitai Inverse appear on Eliskia's list of trophies.

On 8th September 2012, for unknown reasons, Eliskia attacked Kiseitai Inverse, the former leader of Mirage, and collected the bounty of 100,000 credits placed by Inco, the former leader of The Shadow.

Some say this attack was a message to Kiseitai Inverse that he is no longer well received on Mirage territory. Others say that the battle was an arrangement between Eliskia and Kiseitai to split the bounty in half.

List of Mirage leaders

Kiseitai Inverse (first term of office) - 01.09.2010 - 22.03.2011

Shadow Man - 22.03.2011 - 08.07.2011

Kiseitai Inverse (second term of office) - 08.07.2011 - 18.08.2012

Eliskia 18.08.2012 -

List of Faction Leaders

Kiseitai Inverse 01.09.2009 - 18.08.2012

Eliskia 18.08.2012 -