Heavens Wrath

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To retain some consistancy, we've used the same format as Echoing Decay. This doesn't mean we're anything like our rivals ^^


Alliance Name: Heaven's Wrath

Alliance Number: 4

Alliance Leader: Chubbatubba

Established: 2009-09-06 19:50:02 (By Bladefist)


Leader: Chubbatubba

Co-leaders: Cally, Gcheeseau, Tracy, Yimboli

"So Chubba, what's this alliance about?"

Well! I'm glad you asked.
We're going to win.

"I'm sorry... How do you 'win' this game?"

Hmm... Good question. When we find out though, we'll be the first to taste its fruits!

Oh. Right. So why should I join you?

Quite simply, we're the most modest alliance I have EVER seen. We provide the type of guidance which is reminiscent of the great prophets of old, that financial boost you need when you first start, the very same building help that you've been dreaming of and most of all, a large prize bull!

WOW! I love beef!

So do I ;P

Information on application

Everyone's welcome. What you but in your application is up to you. It may help if you write a little about what you want to achieve, or your current level... But it's not necessary ;P
If you feel like it, you might even want to write a poem. I'd like that. :D