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In this area, tips and common problems are explained, such as how to find a newly purchased ship in the hangar, rather then currently in use.

Why Can't I ...?

  • Movement: Common problems are:
    • No Fuel onboard or in cargo
    • No Engine installed
    • An Empty Fuel tank (Click the word 'Fuel:' to refill your tank from fuel in cargo)
    • An Automatic Refueler will automatically refill your fuel tank when it empties
  • Harvesting fuel or other resources:
    • You must have a resource harvester comparable with the type of resource you wish to harvest
    • You must have free space and mass on your ship
  • Special Engine: Solar Sail
    • Requires no fuel, at the cost of a slow speed, and large space, but low mass
  • PvP
    • You and your target must both be out of newbie protection (14 days) in order to take part in any kind of PvP
  • Ship Purchases
    • After purchasing a ship, you should visit the planet hangar area in order to switch to using a different ship then your current one.
  • Ship Sales
    • You can only sell a ship after you store it in the hangar.
  • Incorrect cargo space/mass
    • Check to make sure you haven't picked up missile drops by going to the outfitters and click sell equipment.
  • Get out of THIS PLACE (the wiki)
    • Because you're not clicking the right button. Either click 'Back to the Fleet MMO' in the menu there on the left <- or go to 'main page' then click on the hyperlink 'Back to Fleet' in the link section at the bottom.

What does that dot next to people's name mean?

greendot.x14.png - Player is online now.

yellowdot.x14.png - Player has been active in the last hour.

reddot.x14.png - Player has been active in the last day.

greydot.x14.png - Player has been active in the last week.

What does that Other (usually) green dot in the top right of the screen mean?

It's a magical mystical connectometer!
The colour change is based on connectivity.
The size is based on the timeout.


If what you'd like to achieve isn't here, either ask Space Weasel or OverLoad (if you're up for being asked these questions and you have basic know-how, feel free to add your name here), or, if you know that the effect that you want to achieve is elsewhere in the wiki, simply edit that article and look at the code without making changes. 9/10 it's just a case of changing the words/digits used.


If a word is a title elsewhere in the wiki (for example 'equipment'), you can make that word a link by simply enclosing the word in two square brackets. Like so: [[Equipment]]. This turns into Equipment.
Often though, the link you want to make isn't a main title, but a subtitle. In which case, whilst still enclosed in 2 square brackets, you need to plant the title which the subtitle is under first, then, separating it with a # put the subtitle. E.g. for the space eel, like so: [[Opponents#Space eel]]. This turns into: Opponents#Space Eel. I did a little experiment and it looks like it's case sensitive.
Clearly though, this is messy. To neaten up, we can hide the mechanics of the link with a single word by adding another section in the two square brackets. After putting the subtopic, place a | and then put the text you want to put over the top, like so: [[Opponents#Space Jelly|Space Jellies]]. This gives: Space Jellies. You can do some quite surprising links with this: Biscuits.


Quite simply comprises of '#REDIRECT' followed by a link as shown above. So: #REDIRECT [[Whatever]]

Building Template

This is useful for when adding buildings: Click here!