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This contains a time line of all the events in Fleet history. A more complete version of most of these entries can be found by reading the news on the main account page.

June 30, 2008: OverLOAD started developing Fleet. It was originally written in Perl.
November 5, 2008: The game was open to players. Originally the playing field extended infinitely in each direction. The only thing players could do was PvP, there was no way to get credits besides asking OverLOAD.
November 8, 2008: The Account page was formed.
December 16, 2008: The messaging system, sharable combat logs, the options screen, and defined sectors were implemented.
December 18, 2008: Limited range tiles were implemented.
December 21, 2008: Missions were implemented.
December 23, 2008: The chat was implemented.
December 24, 2008: The renaming functionality and the skill tracker was implemented.
January 1, 2009: The mission generator was improved, mission failure consequences, and competency upgrades were implemented.
January 26, 2009: The marketplace and harvesting resources were implemented.
July 10, 2009: Alliances were implemented and the chat was improved.
July 23, 2009: Ship to Ship trade, cloaking and equipment deterioration were implemented. Navigation was improved and more alliance features were implemented.
August 19, 2009: Fleet's code was ported to PHP. Ambushing and the bountying system was implemented.
August 21, 2009: XP gains from jumping through wormholes was implemented along with additional death penalties and AP cost for jumping through wormholes and launching ships.
August 22, 2009: The option to change a pilot's homeworld was implemented. Also, the tracker started recording credit changes and the bounty board was improved.
August 23, 2009: The Remote Resource Scanner, Field Analyzer, and Telemetry Scanner were implemented.
August 25, 2009: Online notifiers were implemented along with equipment images.
August 26, 2009: The messaging system was improved, the journal was added along with the news.
November 14, 2009: The Centic sector (created by Centic) was added.
November 15, 2009: Faction Administration Buildings were implemented.