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PVP can be done by dogfighting or ambushing using an Ambush Computer in order to lay the ambush while you are away from the helm, with optionally an Ambush Teleporter to move you to safety quickly.

Dog Fighting



To ambush you will need a Ambush Computer.
If you don't see the people you ambush with friend list them

Ambush Retreat

If you want to set a retreat point you will need a Ambush Teleporter.
If you want to cloak when ambushing or when retreating a Cloaking Device



Building Combat

Building combat cost a 1000AP per round.

If you are on the same tile as a building that belongs to your Faction, Alliance or friend it will protect you, whether it has defence modules left or not.


With a Bounty Card, or if you have Gold Days, you can place bounties with a Credit and/or Influence reward on players.

When you place an bounty, 24 hours later it will be in effect. (Exact timing: ever 24 minutes and 14 seconds past the hour, the bounty tick happens, if a bounty has been placed for atleast 24 hours, this tick will activate it.)


Destroying someone's building will make it's contents spill out, ready to be picked up and sold.
Likewise, when you blow up someone's ship you will be able to pick up goods they were carrying in their hold, even if they were carrying unequipped weapons for example.

Upon death your victim loses 10,000 AP, skills and XP; You will gain half of their lost XP and can gain half of the lost skills that victim possessed for each skill that was higher then yours.