Browser hotkeys

From Fleet

Browser hotkeys are supported where a letter on a HTML link in menu items is underlined. To use these hotkeys, you must know the particular combination to press in your specific browser, plus the respective letter with the underscore character.

You can find a comprehensive list of accesskey combinations here:

In addition, while navigating on the map, you can use the keyboard numberpad with num-lock off in order to single-step move around the map. All eight directions work, and the 5 key also acts to perform the default action for the tile you are presently on.

Default actions are prioritized as follows:

  • 1. PvP
  • 2. Land on a Planet
  • 3. Interact with a Building
  • 4. Interact with a Jump Gate
  • 5. Interact with a container
  • 6. PvM