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There's nothing like a grilled Bulgur after a hard day's work. Not that you'd want to eat it, it's just quite unique.
The 'Bulgur' (so called because it... bulges) is a mindless creature (literally) which spends it's days soaking in the sun. Driven solely by the primitive urge to get the perfect tan, it's unfortunate that these creatures are in fact allergic to sunlight. They're bulging nature is due to their bodies having an extreme allergic reaction and turning all energy absorbed into puss (interestingly, their actual size without the reaction is that similar to a raisin). Thus, when the young pilot decides to try out a bulgur, they can be sure to get an easy and satisfying explosion... If not slightly disgusting.
Found just about everywhere

  • Level 2
  • Influence per Mission: 4
  • 46 - 72 XP
  • Respawn time: ~7 minutes
  • 800 Hull, 50 Armor, 20 Shield
  • Shield recharge: 10
  • Guns: 4 x Small Tentacle (Damage: 21 - 32)
  • Drops: None
  • Family: Bulgur