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FAST food
The Burgher has shot up from humble origins to become of the greatest freighters of our time. It actually started life closely resembling its similarly-sounding food-stuff relative - in an attempt to flount the intergalactic fast food advertising ban in style. But after realising they could fit the population of an entire country in the cockpit alone, and the fact that imperial war cruisers failed to even scratch the polish on the hull, the engineers smelt slightly more commerical exploitation. After making some tweaks to give birth (literally: painfully) to the optimised 'Burgher,' their obesity reached a peak, and the gravitational fields generated by their girth attracted such a large following that, as was sooner or later inevitable, they were consumed by the sheer mass of the debris, soon sparking fusion and creating their own suns. The 'Burger' and 'Sausage' system is renowned for it's unusually dense gas giants.

  • Freighter
  • 43,250,000 Credits
Distinction: 10
1,000,000 XP
Armor: 3600
Hull: 4500
Gun Mounts: 1
Turret Mounts: 3
Missile Mounts: 12
Size: 450
Space: 1450m3
Mass: 280 / 2100 t capacity