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"We're currently searching for something good which CTX404 stands for. Until then... Yes." - Phillip Mou'TANG, CEO of FAIL inc.
The unabreviated title of this ship is still to be unveiled (it's been worked on for 4'991'864' years as of now), but boy, when it comes out... Well... Yes. This is a mighty fine craft which is good at killing things. It's just a crying shame that you can't wow the Centaurian laserchicks with your in-depth knowledge of the CTX404's title.

  • Fighter
  • 425,000 Credits
Armor: 1240
Hull: 380
Gun Mounts: 4
Turret Mounts: 0
Missile Mounts: 4
Size: 44
Space: 225 m3
Mass: 12 / 120 t capacity