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"We at FAIL inc enjoy making ships based on mythical creatures. It has come to our attention that many consumers are dissatisfied with the lack of resemblance to these creatures in the vessels. My solution? Well...
I can only suggest squinting." - Piggle Whighume-Glyme'pTANG, Board member of FAIL inc.
The centaur looks amazing. It's gifted on the gun and missile department. It's good value for money. Most of all it's classed as 'special.'
Why wouldn't you want it?

  • Special
  • 2,500,000 Credits
Armor: 2000
Hull: 1400
Gun Mounts: 4
Turret Mounts: 2
Missile Mounts: 6
Size: 120
Space: 400 m3
Mass: 70 / 550 t capacity