From Fleet

Chubbing is a wonderful term depicting the bulk buying and selling of goods from planet to planet. It's a brilliant tactic for an area with little (if any) activity other than yourself, if an active community, large-scale Chubbing can make things look tired. See HITHER for an apocalyptic future from Chubbing.

My tactic (I call it Chubbing) is to:

  1. Check what a planet produces and pick one of them
  2. Check that its price is in green
  3. If green, purchase TWICE the number produced per tick.
  4. If red, don't.
  5. Regard other commodities produced by the planet and repeat 2-4.
  6. Fly to next planet
  7. Smile in anticipation
  8. Repeat Steps 1-5 for this planet
  9. Check on new planet whether obtained commodities are lush (are eaten by the planet).
  10. If yes, sell TWICE the rate of consumption of the planet of the commodity and chuckle mercilessly at the profits. Move on to next planet (or the first planet).
  11. If no, cry a little and move on, hoping that your commodities are wanted elsewhere.
  12. And so on.

As pointed out by Blackwater, this initially gives a boost to planet growth as well as your funds, but on the long term, planets can ultimately shrivel. Like fine wine, make sure you savour the taste and don't be doing this every day ;P

Note: If trading in Blackwater territory, you are required to follow these rules.

As Brian McDUH would say:
"Chubbing is like the bible... But without the paper."