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"I like to see the whites of their eyes before I blow them down. Thus this tainted glass is really annoying. - Porkian pilot motto.
Based upon the design of Elk McGuire's favourite utensil, as with many IOBISVs (Interesting-Object-Based Inter-Stellar Vessels) such as the 'Bulldog Clip', 'Digital Alarm Clock' and the elegant 'Champagne Bottle,' the 'Deliverance' is yet another surprisingly aerodynamic space-craft based on an everyday item (well... the radioactive noodle hook was pretty everyday for Elk). The only difference was that this one managed to fly. So called the 'Deliverance' because it was first adopted on a large scale by working-class postmen, this ship is an able multi-purpose vessel which is quite hard to put a dent in (studies suggest it takes at least 5 elephants dropped from 100 metres to make a dent - rigorous, relevant safety testing now has to be applied to all new vessels as standard).

  • Fighter
  • 9,250,000 Credits
Distinction 14
Armor: 5500
Hull: 950
Gun Mounts: 4
Turret Mounts: 4
Missile Mounts: 4
Size: 75
Space: 525 m3
Mass: 65 / 800 t capacity