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Blackwater is the largest and sleepiest faction in the game. It has control of

Cassiopia Narokan Stuve Centic I Centic II Centic III Arcturus

The Centic/Stuve/Arcturus System of planets is it's core and financial backbone. Cassiopia is it's Dark Matter production center.

The Dark Matter clouds requires 100+ Harvesting Skill to collect from the cloud. The Dark Matter station there is currently level 5

Blackwater conducted an open Protest to the Pilot Yozerix and his alliance for his taking over the Blackwater Territory. Blackwater suffered greatly at Yozerix's hands and plots, but prevailed when Yozerix suddenly retired after Blackwater found a way to strike back at the extremely well skilled and experienced Yozerix.

It is not about winning or losing a battle that matters, it is about never giving up until you've won the war.