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General Info

Leader: I Love And Respect Yozerix
Primary Specialty: Specials
Secondary Specialty: Ships

Blackwater's History


The founder of Blackwater, Centic, created the faction on 16th January 2010.

However, most historians consider that Blackwater existed before this date. Spm, one of the most valuable Blackwaterians, destroyed one of Inco's Faction Administration Buildings on 14th December 2009 - this was the event that started The Shadow's War With The Universe (at that moment, OverLOAD did not discover the Jannaris, Buttery and Crescent clusters, so the known Universe was the Local Group cluster).

This period of Blackwater's history ended on 1st of July 2010 when Centic transferred leadership to Kiseitai Inverse - at that point, all the institutions of Blackwater were crystalised.

The Shadow's War With The Universe

When the first faction created in the universe - The Shadow - started a campaign of terror against the population of the Local Group cluster, there was only one force to stop them, a group of pilots like Centic, Spm, Clockworkman, Kiseitai Inverse, Eliskia and other. Most of them were members of the Echoing Decay alliance. But for some reasons, Echoing Decay as an alliance didn't receive recognition from the planetary authorities. Therefore, the idea of a libertarian faction appeared in several brainstorms. The name was chosen after long debates: Blackwater, because The Shadow polluted the water on Centic I - causing a lot of deaths amongst the local fauna and population.

Golden Age

In this period, the domination over the Local Group Cluster was established and nobody could contest this.

There were black episodes also in this period. On 20th December 2010, Kiseitai Inverse destroyed a Faction Administration Building, causing the loss of several lives. That event remained unexplained in the history of the universe, since Kiseitai was twice the leader of Blackwater and he never gave signs of tyranny. Blackwaterians claimed Kiseitai lost his minds - therefore, even if he wasn't kicked out immediately from the faction, nobody thought about a third term of office for Kiseitai Inverse as the leader of Blackwater.

And the maximum territorial domination is achieved during Eliskia's term of office. From a faction with 7 affiliated planets, Blackwater is recognized by three other planets. The ten planets are: - Cassiopeia I (Cassiopeia) - Centic I (Centic); - Centic II (Centic); - Centic III (Centic); - Fizeau (Arcturus); - Gecko I (Gecko); - Narokan I (Narokan); - Sawon I (Sawon); - Struve I (Struve).

Eliskia is the last leader of Blackwater during the Golden Age of the history of this faction.

Sbourdon's term of office marks a historical turn of events to an age of decay.

Dark Age

Kiseitai Inverse as the leader & founder of the Mirage faction took it from zero to ten planets in a short time, in the Buttery cluster. Later he transferred the leadership of this faction to Eliskia, who became the richest pilot in the universe.

Sbourdon neglected his function. He rathered sleep than sign all of the papers needed to rule a big faction like Blackwater. Sbourdon's will to sign his name without a capital letter ("sbourdon") and his sleepiness caused a stagnation in the development of the faction.

Therefore, Owen Hunter initiated a mutiny against the inactive leader. His intentions were good, but the lack of support and implication from the other members of the faction caused a huge disappointment that made him retire in one of his houses of Centic I.

A second mutiny started in the heart of Blackwater's faction. From the lower ranks, a fresh officer named Duduia Adela who had distinction 9 acquired the position of faction leader.

The second leader of Blackwater, Kiseitai Inverse, member of the Galactic Empire faction, started a wave of destruction in Blackwater's territories.

Three Faction Administration Buildings have been destroyed in only one week. Blackwater lost Centic II, Centic III and Struve.

The destruction of Blackwater's FABs continued until the very last one fell.

Soon, another faction, Ghost Templars, took over former Blackwater planets, but this didn't last long. Yozerix disbanded his faction and the FABs were automatically destroyed.


On May 4th 2013, Garkos initiated a mutiny against Duduia Adela.

The mutiny ended successfully on May 11th 2013. Garkos restored Blackwater's former territory and it's working to increase its military strength.

List of Blackwater's leaders

Centic (first term of office) - 16.01.2010 - 01.07.2010

Kiseitai Inverse (first term of office) - 01.07.2010 - 12.07.2010

Centic (second term of office) - 12.07.2010 - 20.08.2010

Kiseitai Inverse (second term of office) - 20.08.2010 - 29.08.2010

Centic (third term of office) 29.08.2010 - 12.01.2011

Eliskia - 12.01.2011 - 19.07.2011

sbourdon (first term of office) - 19.07.2011 - 28.12.2012

Owen Hunter - 28.12.2012 - 04.03.2013

Duduia Adela - 04.03.2013 - 11.05.2013

Garkos - 11.05.2013 - 14.06.2014

I Love And Respect Yozerix (first term of office) - 14.06.2014 - 15.07.2014

sbourdon (second term of office) - 15.07.2014 - 23.07.2014

I Love And Respect Yozerix (second term of office) - 23.07.2014 -