Faction:Expeditious Anodyne

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Expeditious Anodyne

We're in it for the long run. Other factions have come and faded back into obscurity, while we're still here, doing our thing.
What do we offer you ask?
Only the biggest collection of technology in the universe! More unlocked tech than you can shake a stick at - far more than any other faction.
And also the biggest economy in the universe - Seraphem holds a large collection of level 42 buildings. Everything needed to make those planets eat up all that Dark Matter so we can unlock even more technology!
Furthermore, Corona sector offers a more laid back trading opportunity. Simply looping between the three planets in this system is really quite profitable if you do it right, and get their population up.

Faction Leadership


Unlocked Equipment: Unlocked Ships:
Universal Harvester (250 AP/use) Katana
Universal Harvester MK3 (175 AP/use) Katana MK3 (30% extra mass capacity!)
Ablative Armor Plating Wellington
Reinforced Armor Plating Wellington MK1 (10% extra hull - for easy Engineering training)
Reinforced Armor Plating MK3
Cloaking Device MK5 (Halved AP cost for cloaking!)
Phase Shift Generator

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