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The Galactic Empire

The Galactic Empire wants you! Apply here today!

Looking for a fun relaxed group to fly around the galaxy? The Galactic Empire is the place to be. We are the top ranked faction in most categories and offer a safe, secure cluster to operate within. We have an established and growing economy, and many great skilling locations.

Faction Leadership

Faction Controlled Planets and sectors:


Crescent cluster

  • Aquila, Aquila I
  • Benisum, Benisum I
  • Daikara, Daikara I
  • Delphinus,Delphinus I and Delphinus II
  • Dunkios, Dunkios I
  • Ehtian, Ehtian I
  • Jerroan, Jerroan I
  • Tesseract, Tessaract I
  • Venious, Venious I

Sectors (claimed or Protected)

Crescent cluster

  • Aquila
  • Benisum
  • Daikara
  • Delphinus
  • Dunkios
  • Ehtian
  • Jerroan
  • Tesseract
  • Venious
  • Yimis
  • Purism
  • Ethernoan
  • Iota
  • Briggea

Faction Bonuses

  • Anti matter engine(65ap normal space movement)
  • Anti matter engine(40ap normal space movement)
  • Katana - Unlocked ship (one of the best fighters in the game.)
  • Katana Mk 3
  • Wellington -unlocked ship ( one of the best low rank traders)

coming soon:

List of Galactic Empire leaders

Emperor Shadow Man (first term of office) - 2012-04-15