Interstellar Wasp

From Fleet


"I'd rather be a wasp than eat vegetables"
Needless to say, President Brian McDuh was a bit... questionable. McDuh declared war on vegetables back in the year of the Small Grunting Crisp Packet and greengrocers have never fully recovered since - Especially due to constant raids from these beasties. Interstellar Vegetable Consuming Wasps (or more commonly known as just 'Intersteller Wasps') are particularly fond of courgettes - causing much controversy over whether they actually are a vegetable or not. Clearly, such petty arguments are irrelevant when you're confronted with one of these. I think McDuh would recommend a wee bit of practice before waving a carrot in front of this insect.

  • Level 10
  • Influence per Mission: 100
  • 2,817 - 4,269 XP
  • 900 Hull, 2,925 Armor, 1,175 Shield
  • Shield recharge: 65
  • Guns: 8 x Wasp Claws (Damage: 43 - 52)
  • Missiles: Wasp Bite (Damage: 438 - 522, Reload time: 6-7 rounds)
  • Family: Interstellar
  • Moves: No?