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Kudus are scary. They can eat just about everything (including singularities) without ill-effects and worse, are registered accountants. Analysts have picked up boredom levels well over the level of a lecture on the properties of a brick-hued brick; mathematic levels well over that which is healthy to be subject to (i.e. More than 10 minutes of calculus); biscuit levels far beyond Mr Bourbon could ever imagine...
Capable of a little-seen-before 'SUPER CRITICAL HIT' from a projectile weapon that collapses shield, armour and hull in just 1 visit, this MONSTER of a creature has been known to inhume entire species in its parabolic, cardioid nonsense-field whilst feasting upon the lethal flying banana of a Space Monkey. In all, this is a very dangerous creature indeed - and not to be sensibly poked for more than 1 round, if at all. Watch it.
Kudus are also fond of gardening.
Roaming NPC (doesn't stay in the same area for very long).

  • Level 19
  • Influence per Mission: 361
  • 6,202 - 9,984 XP
  • 2,000 Hull, 6,000 Armor, 0 Shield
  • Guns: 8 x Teeth (Damage: 137 - 173)
  • Guns: 1 x Horn Bash (Damage: 1124 - 1380)
  • Missiles: EMP Pulse (Damage: 1,486 - 1,629, Reload time: 22 - 27 rounds)
  • Family: Kudu