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"The mouse? A good tool for ramming at high speeds into the vessels of wealthy politicians." - Yugo Pinbridge, Chief of the Sideways Fish Clan.
The term 'mouse' was actually a misspelling of its close cousin the mousse, not (as wealthy politicians would have you believe) the horned elk-resembling creature that used to dwell on earth (come on... moose doesn't even have a plural... meese?). It came to be after a particularly unsatisfying meal eaten by the 2nd emperor of Pork. He decreed that all pilots be subject to his dissatisfaction - what better way than forced imprisonment in one of these? Not generally a lot of use, although they do come in very handy for paid accounts when juggling their 3 ships in where they want them docked.

  • Shuttle
  • 50,000 Credits
Armor: 240
Hull: 180
Gun Mounts: 1
Turret Mounts: 0
Missile Mounts: 0
Size: 15
Space: 40 m3
Mass: 4 / 50 t capacity