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Mutiny is the process whereby an inactive group leader can have control of their group usurped by a mutineer.


  • After a leader has been inactive for 14 days, a new option becomes available on the "My Faction" or "My Alliance" page to Mutiny.
  • Initiating a Mutiny Costs 50,000 AP
  • Only a single Mutiny can be active within a single Alliance or Faction at a time. The current Mutiny must run its course before a new one can be initiated.
  • All members of the group can vote on the respective "My Faction" or "My Alliance" page, either for, or against the mutineer.
  • For the mutineer to be successful, the ending result must provide more more votes in favor of the mutiny than against.
  • Upon initiation of a Mutiny, a chat log message is generated in that groups channel.
  • The inactive group leader also gets a message informing them about the initiation of the mutiny, in case they return.
  • The inactive group leader, and the mutineer are permitted to vote in the mutiny.
  • After 7 no less then days, at a pre-determined fixed time, the mutiny is scored.
  • Both the mutineer and the group leader will receive a system message with the result.
  • A news entry is created informing about the transfer of the group leadership if the mutiny is successful.