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'And if one green raptor, should accidentally melt... They'll be 9 green raptors heading for a collision course to the sun' - Guillyam Waggledagger
That's one of the greatest works of Guilliam Waggledagger. Aaaah nostalgia...
I think there's been far too much nostalgia on this wiki, so I'll stop here.
The raptor is probably the best skilling ship in the game due to the preposterously large number of turrets and guns.

  • Fighter
  • Cost: 4,250,000 Credits
Armor: 3200
Hull: 1600
Gun Mounts: 7
Turret Mounts: 3
Missile Mounts: 4
Size: 38
Space: 375 m3
Mass: 175 / 535 t capacity