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"I don't like Abe." Slurg motto.
Slurgs are in fact disfunctional spores from the ear mould of Kudus (yes, they have ears). Unlike conventional spores, they have no perceivable role - being both useless for reproduction and aggravating allergies. Like other USBs (useless sentient beings), they can be used to efficiently transmit data and energy through vintage PCs. They also make excellent seafood. From space.
They are, however, a slightly tougher nut to crack than their cousin the anemone (both if you're trying to eat them (removing the shell is best) and just attacking one for the sake of it) and are prone to killing you if you attack them. So, behave.

  • Level 15
  • Influence per Mission: 255
  • 3,314 - 5,559 XP
  • 1,200 Hull, 1,500 Armor, 450 Shield
  • Shield recharge: 90
  • Guns: 4 x Small Tentacle (Damage: 21 - 32)
  • Guns: 2 x Large Tentacle (Damage: 63 - 78)
  • Missiles: Venomous Stinger (Damage: 733 - 839, Reload time: 4 rounds)
  • Drops: Venomous Stinger venomous%20stinger.png (5% chance)
  • Family: Anemone
  • Retreat Holds: 5-8
  • Moves: Yes, on Space