Space Eel

From Fleet
Gun 1 * Acid Eel Slime (8 - 16)
Shield 0 points
Armor 0 points
Hull 500 points
Family Space Eel
Rank 1
XP 35 - 62
Skill Range ?
Ambush Rounds ?
Attack Rounds ?
Respawn Time 5-6 minutes

"My word. Have you ever seen anything so repulsive?"
Those were the reputed words of Elk Wilson himself when he stepped out the shower onto one of these. Indiginous to space, these creatues vary widely in size and strength but are more than able to deliver a stinging bout of slime when they feel threatened. Despite this, they're recommended as the basic foodstuff for the newcomer's appetite for killing things. As with earth, they can be considered "MOSTLY HARMLESS"
Most abundantly in sector Terra, four (4). Usually have a population of two or three with a space eel mother.

  • Influence per Mission: 1
  • Drops: 4 m3 lightore.x32.png 2 m3 lightmetal.x32.png 3 m3 coronalgas.x32.png
  • Moves: Yes, on Space