Space Eel Mother

From Fleet
Gun 3 * Acid Eel Slime (8 - 16)
Shield 0 points
Armor 300 points
Hull 640 points
Family Space Eel
Rank 4
XP 92-149
Skill Range low
Ambush Rounds ?
Attack Rounds ?
Respawn Time 11-12 minutes

Slightly more meaty than their spawn, when Elk Wilson stepped on one of THESE, aesthetics were the last thing on his mind. Quite how he stepped on one is another matter. The space eel mother is, as expected, a slightly tougher nut to crack (or make splat in satisfying ways in this case) but shouldn't be shied away from by any means. As Elk himself says: "Give 'em a poke and see what happens."
Just... Not good for eating.
Found most abundantly in Centic (2).
If a sector has ore tiles, one Space Eel Mother can usually be found close by the tiles (maximum distance from ore is 5 [needs confirmation])

  • Drops: 7 m3 lightore.x32.png 2 m3 heavyore.x32.png 2 m3 lightmetal.x32.png 1 m3 ferrousmetal.x32.png 3 m3 coronalgas.x32.png