Space Jelly

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"Not for eating."
The space jelly is in fact related to a branch of the canine family. How it made this tranformation from its original species is... quite a mystery. A pain to find and a pain to kill except for intermediates and above, space jellies have been likened to jelly babies in that when they are put in a warm test tube of potassium chlorate, they fizz, smell and make noises in much the same manner. Also... They both have 'jelly' in their titles (You can count McDUH for that astute observation - this won him the Nobel Prize for Physiology).
Present only in Alberdaran and Coaliside and Keidos.

  • Level 11
  • Influence per Mission: 121
  • 1,396 - 1,843 XP
  • 1,200 hull, 200 armor, 1,800 shield
  • Shield recharge: 100
  • Turrets: 8 x Stinger (Damage: 24 - 31)
  • Drops: 1 m3 water.x32.png
  • Family: Jelly
  • Moves: Yes, on Ice


Engineering: 70 Tac, HA, Agi : 90