Space Monkey

From Fleet


"So err... Where did the suit come from?"
That, is the greatest second greatest unsolved mystery known to philosophers to date but some speculate that it is in fact the next step in the evolutionary cycle for us. However attempts to communicate don't go very far as the pulses emitted by the monkey are detrimental to the structural integrity of most ships (quite how this works in a vacuum I'm not sure...) and no instruments can yet get past this rather curious barrier in communication. Needless to say, if you've fresh earned your wings, speaking to this buckoe should NOT be at the top of your list (let alone nabbing his 'nana).

  • Level 14
  • Influence per Mission: 196
  • 3,827 - 4,634 XP
  • 1,200 Hull, 100 Armor, 1,800 Shield
  • Shield recharge: 150
  • Guns: 15 x Monkey Shriek (Damage: 75 - 86)
  • Missiles: Flying Banana (Damage: 770 - 822, Reload time: 15 - 18 rounds)
  • Loot: Flying Banana 5 m3, 5 t flying%20banana.png ( 25% chance )
  • Family: Monkey
  • Moves: Yes, on Space