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{{{bgc}}} or {{{bgc|COLOR}}} or {{{bgc|COLOR|ETC}}

This template is shorthand for a CSS style specification that includes "background-color:COLOR" where COLOR defaults to aliceblue.

This comes in handy, for example, when modifying background colors in a table, though for alternating the background colors of rows in a table, the zebra class is easier to use.

If ETC is specified, then that is appended to the style specification.


1. {{bgc|COLOR|ETC}} produces style="background-color:COLOR;ETC"

2. In the following table, row divider specifications alternate between these two forms:


|- {{bgc}}

Date Speaker Title
September 15 Frédéric Passy Universal Peace
September 22 Henry Dunant ICRC
October 6 Theodore Roosevelt The Treaty of Portsmouth
October 13 Arthur Henderson Disarmament
November 24 Cordell Hull UN

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