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Template for adding images directly from Fleet.
More or less a remake of the Image template that allows for remote images to be used. Only without the security issues.
Work in progress. :9

Template example with link:

{{FleetImage|image={{SERVER}}/img/n/assimilant_hive_x128.png|align=right|text="Resistance = voltage / current."|link=Assimilant Hive}}

Template example without link:

{{FleetImage|image={{SERVER}}/img/n/assimilant_hive_x128.png|align=right|text="Resistance = voltage / current."|link=}}

  • Parameters:
    • image = image path. Use the following format: {{SERVER}}/img/n/assimilant_hive_x128.png
    • align = options: left, right
    • text = The text under the image
    • link = To which Fleet Wiki page clicking the image will lead to. Leave blank if you won't want it to link to anything.


  • alt="{{{alt}}}"
  • {{{style}}}

Can't do alt tag without an Extension.