Terran history

From Fleet

Back... Back before grass was green... Back before Lushman invented that irresistable chat up line*...
The 'Earth' was born...

Primarily inhabited by a breed of puzzle-decorated socks, the planet soon became overrun by the mould that had gradually been accumilating on the socks' funeral pires - the human race.
After a few thousand years of existance, they developed interstallar flight, went everywhere, killed a few people... Not particularly interesting really.

Home of

  1. The 'baguette'
  2. The 'chimney'
  3. Father Christmas
  4. Elvis
  5. Elk Wilson
  6. Tommy Baker
  7. Nigel Thornberry

Famous for

  1. Being the first planet to adopt world-wide 'biscuitism'
  2. Not a lot else.

  • And that famous line is: "Hey sweetcheeks. Get over here!"