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Long, long ago...
Deep in the belly of the 6-foot waffle iron of Brian Khan...

Fortunately, Kiseitai, a devout monster-phobe, was born far, far away from this and wasn't any the wiser. Brought up by his loving parents, he was in a happy little world of his own...

That was until he discovered - insert humorous, witty quip here - and well; need I say more?

Yes. Not exactly inspired.

Kiseitai Inverse was born on Earth and raised by a rare sub human commonly known as Sasquatch (or Bigfoot, Yeti, Abominable Snowman...). When his adoptive father was captured and put in a zoo, Kiseitai fought for equal rights for all Sasquatch kind. When jerkish bureaucrats laughed at him he ran away to space where he co-founded the alliance Echoing Decay and helped found Blackwater. Later he would end up wasting his time helping idiotic noobs like Clockworkman.

Frontier Sectors

The universe is vast and it takes time to chart new found Sectors to be published to the intergalactic maps.

The following are a list of the sectors I've charted and those I'm still researching.



  • Inverse
  • Annoyance
  • Hauthout
  • Compulsula
  • Kiseitai
  • Ellocanio
  • Hemilisome
  • Atireous
  • Prineous
  • Cloueside
  • Gefenious
  • Vistiuous
  • Theagous
  • Nehioun
  • C4ke
  • Deliecho
  • Yimis
  • Orcaionus
  • Feliskia
  • Dunkios
  • Eslkster
  • Pephi
  • Venious
  • Purism
  • Ethernoan
  • Jerroan
  • Iequlet
  • Ehtian
  • Benisum
  • Nex
  • Goober
  • Verde
  • Eharesa
  • Deurane
  • Jersoin
  • Kisumena
  • Resience
  • Sasha
  • Rechsa
  • Selvain
  • esouce
  • Cenish
  • Sileja
  • Veish
  • Kongeshion
  • Recha
  • Fersha
  • Hamulusa
  • Desious
  • Ferta