User:Space Weasel/Your First Building

From Fleet

So you just got your first building. Let's set it up properly shall we?

First off, lets go over the various settings:

Min = No one will be able to buy anything under this amount

Max = No one will be able to sell you anything over this amount

Reserve = Your building will not consume any material below this value

In all cases all actual material amounts in a building are always shown, but the saleable amount is the lesser of the (stock-min) or (stock-reserve).

Set Welcome Message

This one should be fairly straightforward.

You can use BBcode here.

Don't forget that you can use [img][/img] to get resource icons in your building message.

You can use different sized icons:



Cycle Trade

Trade enabled for all
Trade enabled for all but foes
Trade enabled for only friends
Trade with Alliance only
Trade with Faction only
Trade with Faction/Alliance only


Be sure to set the buy and sale price as the same, so ill-intentioned pilots can't rob you blind!

For example, say you own a Solar Collector. Since that produces antimatter, set the price for both Sell and Buy to the default sell price 820.

And that Solar Collector will consume Food Rations, so set both the Sell and Buy price to the default buy price of 490.

Here's a list of the Default Prices.