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Harvesting to make money is very easy in the early days.

Fear not death! Pain is fun! Death is forgiving, only some APs is lost and you get a free ride back to your home planet.

Don't touch the things which look like crystals? They're really crunchy. With a great aftertaste though. Avoid.

Interplanetary Trade is actually very very profitable. You make really large amounts of money. I made 6 million with like, 10k APs. (I have a big ship though, maybe about 10x the size of the newbie ship, 3Million with 50k APs?)

Firefly is the lowend skiller/ranker/fighter ship. The raptor is the same price. Atlas is the regular trader. (I'm not going to call it low end because there's basically nothing else.)

Buildings make much less money in comparison to planets. Not worth it until you have the Atlas and are bored or something.

A difference of five skill points can make or break you. Having turrets is definitely better than no turrets and slightly bigger guns. Money comes easier than it goes.

Generally Alliances belong to Factions (There are few independent Alliances) Fighting tends to be between individuals. Until recently, the pilot count has been like a dozen or so, so the world was more than large enough for all of them. With the huge surge in players a few pirates have come up, so there is some fighting, but they’re isolated. Tracking pilots isn’t very easy yet. (Search news for PvP)

Here, yes you do have a better chance of getting to the top, of course, the top players have made their accounts maybe in 2008? But I wouldn’t worry because there are only around 10 of them, and they’re pretty split up between the factions. Also their characters aren’t too similar so I wouldn’t be surprised if they moved around a bit should a war start. *pew pew pew* Mostly you’ll want to get help from others otherwise you will end up far behind those with friends. I know. I’ve seen someone fall hopelessly behind me in just a month. There were other differences between us but I know having allies helped me a lot.

Oh and the combat system is by default 20 rounds of pew pew, I think I died the first time I hit attack.

There is large variation in skills of critters of the same genus.

Two ways to get out of a retreat loop: killing a group, waiting for the other group to leave... oh ... three... or dying.

The safest way to stack NPCs is to sit on the edge of the field with your hind on a tile which the enemy can not travel on or is out of their territory... So now you can stack 17 black shards like a Alisha too!*

  • Warning: I claim no responsibility for any deaths caused by your enemies noticing that there is an unusually large stack of NPCs on a single tile.

Information about things

Telemetry Scanner: -has some relationship with Hacking. --Doesn't work too well at about 10-20. usually fails.

Combat: -Successfully retreating costs 100APs -Attacking while ambushed and (/or?) cloaked will break ambush and cloak.

Equipment and stuff: -Repairing armor costs two (2) credits/point -Repairing hull is three (3) credits/point

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Missions (EA space)

Part One: Packages take a trip to Seraphem I and Seraphem II and Orion Prime and Orion Nebulous, and Jannarais and Jannarais beta, and of course Corona Xarq, Crescent, and Monaria (spelling?). If you go from one "end" to another, sans backtracking, this should take about 40k APs? See for yourself.

Part two: Pow pow pew pew pow ow ow Kill missions. Pretty straightforward. two types, kill a specific critter or kill some number. Space eels, Bulgurs, and Space Eel Mothers are the easiest things to kill. Stack 'em. Space eel mothers often have space eels nearby. surprise.

Part three: Hybrid Once you have a good approximation of the APs you need to kill oh so many NPCs and to travel to oh so many planets, you can do both! Simply fly the ship with more cargo space for the package missions when visiting planets, then jump into the fighter to finish off the NPCs. (be sure to drop all the packages off!)

Part four: Familizaration with the local wildlife (looky and touchy) There are Space Eels and Space Eel mothers in Seraphem, as well as some more critters further down the line. Seraphem is also our more developed area, so with a higher populations you'll find more missions. Consider making Seraphem your homeplanet and where you store your ships.

Doing some trading while doing missions isn't that bad of an idea. :D or doing missions while trading :D

Try to have some leftover APs at the end as a buffer for accidents and distractions (like removing pirates).

Consider buying a Long Range Sector Scanner.